Sunday, September 30, 2012

Reading: Video Art

Questions: 1. How can you visualize 'video art' when you're reading about it on paper? In my mind, reading the descriptions of the videos (particularly those from the women during the 90s, such as Phyllis Baldino) only enforces skepticism as to whether or not the examples qualify as art. Since we read a scanned copy, the reference images included in the book were darkened and lost. What classifies a video as artistic? Is there a point or threshold when a video cannot be classified as art or are there no boundaries? 2. "Video also afforded as sense of intimacy usually not realizable in film." What is the difference between film and video? While the differences (according to artist Dan Graham) are listed in the reading, this is a concept that's hard for me to grasp. Does the technique separate film from video? Or does the actual hardware used to create the images separate the two? Like above, does film qualify as art?

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