Saturday, November 17, 2012

Reading: Manovich

1. I like the idea that cinema is considered the pioneer of "multimedia". This type of media has changed drastically since its invention and has made leaps and bounds over the years (think of the contrast between silent films and something like, Transformers). If cinema is considered the original form of "multimedia", where will the field be in five, ten, or even 100 years? How is cinema going to change in our lifetime?

2. Near the end, the reading discusses interactivity with media users. In the analog world of books and hard copies, the reader is given a specific and singular form of media and information; however, in the world of digital media, the author states that users can generate their own, individualized form of media with the use of hyperlinks. How does this change the way that we receive or perceive information? What does the implementation of customized media mean for artists and how they will adapt to the digital mindset?

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