Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Marclay/Tinguely Project

Teaming up with Erin McMahon for this project, we tossed around a number of ideas. Due to constraints on time/money/skill-sets, we simply going to tackle a motorized machine. Instead, the end result was a hanging, mobile sculpture composed of fragmented records.

I cut up 16 total records with a Skil saw and then we placed them into our desired pattern. The idea was a deconstructed or explosion of a record, but on a much bigger scale. We kept the outer most pieces rounded, while the center was dense and full of the color labels, leaving a small space where the hole would be.

We then hot glued each fragment to a piece of twine (there was variation from right to left, with the most piece being close to the center). Due to the placement in the hallway, the pattern we originally designed wasn't as obvious, but we really loved the final product.

The feedback we received was also positive and great; their ideas ranged from a more contemporary art piece to a type of rock and rock chandelier. All of the projects were so different, so I'm glad Erin and I stuck with the idea of making a large-scale mobile.

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