Monday, January 27, 2014


50 years from now, I've predicted that self-medicating will have reached an all-time high. There will be prescriptions for happiness, sunscreen, cancer, and anti-aging. The list is basically endless. Due to this trend in pill-popping, aging has essentially been halted. Even at 73 years old, my altered appearance at the top right is still youthful.

Individualization is revered. Billions of people are attempting to define themselves and their style in order to stand out amongst the massive population. As a result, trends in the fashion and beauty world have reached new levels of personalization: makeup, hair styles and colors, and clothing can all be custom designed or downloaded via virtual programs and many are applied mechanically. Custom nail art is commonly crafted through 3D printing, as displayed on the model’s hand in the graphic. However, 3D printing is not a blanket solution for the industry and sustainability has become drastically important for those who work with textiles and natural resources (such as cotton) that have been heavily restricted due to their harsh effects on the environment.

Leading brands of the early 21st century (i.e. Android, Apple, Twitter, etc.) have futures that cannot be predicted—their entire platforms will likely be replaced over the course of fifty years. In the image, select logos are colored black in order to represent this uncertainty and to provide a direct contrast with the colorful pills and superficial inventions that are raging in popularity.

I made the collage in Photoshop CS6 and found many of the images online. I also used a virtual makeover program (found here) to cut, color, and style my futuristic hair.

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