Monday, April 14, 2014

Recycled Art

For our group project, I hope to construct massive replications of dinosaurs (maybe even to scale). This would play on the theme of recycling as these gigantic creatures used to inhabit the lands that are now populated by people and cities and the oil reserves that our planet is so dependent upon were also created from plant and land sediment during the era of dinosaurs. Models could include a tyrannosaurus rex, a pterodactyl hanging from the ceiling, or massive skeletons of the beasts.

My individual project is going to be a suspended rain cloud with water droplets made of cardboard and/or corrugated plastic. This is extremely evocative of a cycle (since water/rain is formed constantly via evaporation). If I were to use the political signs from Joe's studio, it would also be representative of the political maelstrom that saturates the media for only a few months prior to a presidential election and suddenly all the hype evaporates, much like a monsoon. There would be hundreds of 3d droplets that hang from a cloud made of newspaper bunches or more realistic cotton material.

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