Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lecture Two

Gregg Schlanger is an artist who focuses on public art installations and the environment. He incorporates big themes like water consumption and endangered species with more natural elements like glass and water in order to convey his themes—water consumption/transportation and fishing are some of his favorite topics. Schlanger was also very personable and down-to-earth about his artwork and lecture, so it was easy to follow and engaging.

Schlanger uses art in order to convey some type of message or raise awareness about an issue (mostly environmental), but he does it in a way that is informative and artistic, rather than exploitative or shocking. He spends a lot of time collaborating with college students, which again furthers his message by educating even more people about his concepts. Out of all the artist lectures, Erin and I both agreed that Schlanger was by far the most relatable and interesting.

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