Friday, October 17, 2014

Art Exhibit - Dada

The "Justin Quinn: Not Everything Means Something and Dada Local: The Legacy of Dada Culture in Reno" exhibit explores Dadaism on a personal, exploratory, and professional level, with artwork submitted by university students and local characters alike. The gallery showcased a wide range of mediums, including paintings, sculpture, book arts, video projects, mixed media, and large scale prints. Overall, the space looked much more advanced than its surrounding hallways and the artwork benefited from great lighting and a streamlined layout.

Several artists presented their pieces, giving background information and providing their personal intent/goals, which is something I haven't witnessed before. Everyone spoke quite well and passionately about their pieces and specifically how they were inspired by Dadaism--whether a lifelong pursuit or following their in-depth collegiate study. I loved hearing the true inspiration and connection between the artist's pieces--one in particular had an interesting story about graffiti and his run-ins the the police, so that was fun to hear and gave his piece more depth. I also really enjoyed that this was a true collaboration between University art students and artists from the surrounding community.

More information on the exhibit can be found here:

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