Monday, December 15, 2014

Artist Lecture - Scott Tsuchitani

"Of Guerilla Geisha and Samurai Subversion: Undoing the Other Through Anti-Anti-asian Art"

Scott Tsuchitani favors unique visual parody and intellectual activism through his accessible artwork; a combination that is pretty unique when combined with his skills in printmaking and Asian culture and studies. The lecture (and much of his work) was very funny, but in a way that played off his own ethnicity's ideals (for example, the Christmas cards with his face Photoshopped onto each family member, the result of which was plenty of concered phone calls) in an attempt to subvert the stereotypes of Asian culture.

Tsuchitani became interested in guerilla art (a method that is outwardly "more effective than violent revolutions"), which sounds terrifying, but he was equally nervous to place his modified pseudo-flyers that criticized a popular museum for fetishizing the geisha and samurai right in their vicinity. His museum flyers utilized the perfect balance of both subtlety and shock, which made his perspective and critique of their practice very effective.

Scott is an educated artist whose attempts at engaging the community have been successful and have gained quite a bit of attention in the media, as well as censorship. He was an enthusiastic speaker and I really enjoyed learning about his fairly simple processes that have garnered significant social results.

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