Monday, December 15, 2014

Guy-Ernest Debord

Perspectives for Conscious Alterations in Everyday Life

Deboard writes on the necessity to denounce and destroy capitalism, which he refers to as "modern slavery" that restricts all forms of creative expression. As a member of the Situationists, Debord says that revolutionary action and avant-garde ideas wouldn't produce proper results and that true change must occur at the individual level and in everyday life. Technology and the overwhelming force of capitalism create a world or image that should be questioned; the Yes Men are a modern example of Situationists or individuals that work to challenge big business. This duo in particular maintains a sense of individuality in their approach and critically sincere support of humanity in their performances, but continue to challenge those with gross power and wealth.

A critique of classism is present in several of the readings, where the lower class (or poor image) is assigned meaning that isn't necessarily earned or ever questioned. Capitalism only breeds a stronger class divide and Debord insists that actively questioning everyday life and the individual's role is of the utmost importance if new and successful methods of revolution are to occur.

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