Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Project: Curating

I submitted a books arts piece to our exhibit titled "good morning". The pages contained basic watercolor forms that, as one progresses through the book, change colors to emulate a sunrise. I also offered to chop the pages up to better represent our theme, but to no avail.

While curating was the goal of this assignment, I don't think we necessarily accomplished any true form of that process. I have helped organize and install art shows for previous digital media classes, but the whole curatorial process was new to me. Unfortunately, "curating" and choosing the content seemed to draw way more focus than the actual quality of student artwork submitted (ironically, no pieces were even rejected). In order to gain more content we added a last minute +1 requirement, which basically destroyed any semblance of theme in the pieces; my +1 was submitted but not shown, as there was a lack of space for even more individual, digital content.

There wasn't much direction or quality communication during the installation process, so the original attempts at hanging the pieces were just a huge waste of time. If this same amount of care was put into actually creating art, then the lengthy and frustrating installation process would have been worth something. There was quite a bit of misplaced pride in simply being capable of hosting a fun student show with snacks, but I wouldn't have called it successful by any means.

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